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When to Use a Predictive Dialer

As we are bidding adieu to 2014 and wrapping up the final weeks of this year, many companies across the call center industry have still been indecisive that whether a Predictive Dialer should be implemented in 2015 or not.

Some may be having a thought that these are not as productive as having a call center representative in the office making the manual calls, while others just simply cannot understand the nitty-gritty of the entire process.

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What is Agile Customer Engagement Hub?

You are living in an era where customer has many choices. He/she is also driving how he/she would interact with the business (Choice of Channel, Frequency etc). This creates a very interesting problem for businesses. Customer Interaction Management or Contact Center as a practice is simply insufficient. Entire focus on interactions and Customer interaction related KPIs leads to a very artificial experience. 

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