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Big Data, and How it Can Help Improve Your Call Center Efficiency

Call centers are a frenzied hub of calls, emails, and chats. They work with a lot of financial records, customer information, call logs, and call recordings. But, these are traditional sources of data that were anyway available. Now, call centers, to be on top of their game, are embracing digital data that includes data from twitter, Facebook, and other social media sources. This data is unstructured and text-heavy. So call centers need to adopt modern ways of mining this information.

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Screen Pop: The Benefits your Call Center can Avail from this Amazing Feature

A screen pop is a feature of a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) application, that automatically displays all the relevant information about a customer on the agent's computer screen when they call the call center. It helps the call center agents to access and manage caller profiles and customer data. Screen pops include information like the order entry, fulfillment, billing, reservations, ticketing, and so on.

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5 Key Benefits of Having a Help Desk Software in your Call Center

Help Desk Software

A help desk software can add value and help to increase productivity in a number of key areas in your call center. A call center is customer-centric. It is imperative that they provide excellent service to their customers. A help desk software integrated into a call center software will definitely help the agents to provide efficient service to the customers. An industry where customer satisfaction is of paramount value, a call center software solution with a robust help desk can be a real asset.

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Social selling - The New Weapon you need to Revolutionize Business [Infographic]

Social selling is a fresh and an untapped weapon which an agent can’t afford to miss keeping in their quiver. To reap maximum benefits, modern sales have to go parallel with social selling. According to a research, 78% of sales reps using social media outsell their peers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Agent Deactivation


Your call center goes back to its usual pace post the extremely hectic and challenging holiday season. You return the employees to their regular operational hours. Any temporary staff hired during the busy period gets slashed.

The agent deactivation feature is designed so that managers of call centers have an easier life when confronted with adjusting the staffing demands.

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Unnecessary Long Call Duration: Is Your Call Center Suffering Too?

A new year has started and as a head of a call center you want to start on a positive note. Good practices go a long way to make any year a successful one. The sure way to do this is to embark on a data driven approach. Data involving numbers and performance of call center operations can be measured by call center Key Performance Indicators or as they are popular trade lingo, KPIs.

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Why is it high time for brands to adopt customer service culture [Infographic]

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost”, Jerry Gregoire, former CIO-Dell, once remarked. Companies that are following the millennial culture have shifted their focal point from making mere sales to offering the customer experience that is not just best, but legendary.

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Call Center KPIs and Metrics that you should Monitor in 2016

To assess the efficiency of your call center, it is important to analyze your call center's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Identifying the key KPIs, accurately measuring them, and acting upon that data will help to manage your call center successfully. Call center KPIs are statistics related to a call center, like the performance of the agents, team, departments, and so on, that are used to analyze constructs that are vital to the success of a call center.

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Call Center Software Reviews for 2016

Investing in a call center software is not an easy task, especially given the many options available in the market. A checklist to mark all the aspects that are required in your business can help you get the best one for your call center.

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Top Must Know Essentials about Call Center Benchmarking

Call center benchmarking can be defined as the measurement and comparison of standards and practices, within an organization and/or with other operations externally. This will help the management to identify the key areas where there is scope for improvement. It can be used to analyze whether your team is performing optimally or not.

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5 Tips to Select the Perfect Call Center Software

These days, there is no end to the number of software available for a call center. However, choosing one that is a right fit for your business can be an overwhelming task. You have to invest a lot of time, money, and energy in purchasing, implementing, integrating and training your agents on how to use the software. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right software for your call center.

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Five Reasons to Invest in a Call Center Software Today

A good call center software is essential for the overall functions of your call center. It will not only help your agents to function more efficiently and effectively but will also help to make the whole process better. Implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in your call center will provide your agents access to updated customer and product information that will help them to make the right decisions on a call.

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5 Tips to Reduce Cost-per-Call in a Call Center

Reducing the cost-per-call without affecting the customer service quality can be a real challenge, but it can be done with careful planning and effective implementation. This will help to reduce your call center operational cost to a great extent. Cost-per-call is calculated by taking the total cost associated with handling all calls during a set time frame. It is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that can be used to analyze your call center efficiency.

Following are some tips to reduce the cost-per-call in your call center without affecting the customer service quality.

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Customer Support Software for your Call Center

Having the correct software simplifies work in multiple ways, especially, when it comes to complex functions such as sales and support. These functions require management of large volume of data, simultaneously. It is for this reason that a call center too can benefit hugely from customer service and support software.

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Six Ways to Improve Your Call Center Quality


A call center is closely associated with the image of a company. It is essential for the success of the company / business that their call center meet high customer retention and customer satisfaction. So, it is essential for the company to focus on their call center quality. There are many ways that you can increase the quality of your call center. From choosing the right headset for your agents to defining your customer service agent's attitude towards the customer, determines the quality of a call center.

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The Role of Multi-Channel Customer Support for Customer Retention

There are several channels for the customers to contact a call center today. Customers can contact call centers via phone, video call, social media, chat, and so on. Making these channels available in your call center can help to increase customer satisfaction, and can in turn help with customer retention.

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Top Customer Service Trends for 2016

Customer service is one of the most dynamic aspects of any industry. The kind of service you offer to your customers is a fore-teller of how your business will grow. It is the reason behind exponential changes in the quality and types of customer service that are seen every year.

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