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The State of Salesforce – Trends and Insights (2016 - 2017)

Every business needs a strong and a profound customer base in order to sustain and grow. If your priority list gives your customers low weightage, chances are that your monetary burnout will exceed expectations as you will spend more on customer acquisition over customer retention.

So if your business revolves around IT, Sales, Marketing or Customer Services, this comprehensive study with latest trends and insights can give your business strategy a heads up for the coming challenges. This post highlights some key takeaways from Bluewolf’s annual report on how the best companies use Salesforce. The statistics have been collected from over 110,000 data points from 1700+ Salesforce customers.

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What Makes WebRTC market among the Best in this Decade? [Infographic]

The almost endless pursuit to bring customers closer to brands has made the world come up with numerous distinctive technological advancements. However, one of them, namely - WebRTC, stands tall among the crowd.

An increasing number of players in the market have already initiated the process of adding WebRTC support to their products, services, and solutions.

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By Ignoring IVR Analytics, you are Ignoring the Future

Truth be told - your IVR should never be ignored, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) analytics play an all important role in the development of MNCs and other firms. Ignoring IVR can become a big problem in the coming future.

It is the end to end call assessment solution. IVR analytics should be a part of every contact center’s customer experience strategy, to say the least.

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10 Right Metrics can Reduce Call Volume - Find out How

One of the prime methods to increase customer satisfaction depends on the application of resourceful methods, that would benefit not only customers but also prove profitable to your enterprise, by cutting down the traffic of inbound and outbound calls.

Here’s a list of varied means one could implement to achieve a premium level of customer care efficiency:

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Everything You Need to Know About First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution (FCR) refers to a customer’s issue being fully resolved during the first interaction with a contact center. FCR is a vital key performance indicator to measure the quality of customer experience as well as the efficiency of the contact center. A high FCR rate means that less number of customers have to contact the center again for the resolution of their problem. This results in the saving of time and money for both the customer and the contact center.

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Ameyo Engage for Salesforce: Boost your Sales Closures [Webinar]

There is no denying the fact that in times like these where we all are running out of time and attention span, there is absolutely no relevance and patience for outbound calls done the old way.

This is precisely why an increasing number of brands have started using Salesforce. But we would be kidding ourselves to identify this as the topic of discussion today.

The real problem that remains to be resolved is to use Salesforce effectively, and eventually boost sales closures. This is especially an inescapable concern, in the light of some unnerving statistics divulged by Clicktools and collected and analyzed by Bluewolf and the MIT Sloan School of Management

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Artificial Intelligence – How it transforms Customer Experience

The Beginning

From antiquity, man has been in search of perfect assistance, the one who would do things for him in the easiest and best possible way. Wilhelm Schickard’s drawings of a not so reliable calculating clock are perhaps the first recorded step towards a Thinking Aide for man, further strengthened by the Boolean and Turing theories. But it was not until 1956, that a dedicated field of study aptly named as Artificial intelligence (AI), started solving complex problems like proving logical theorems, solving algebraic equations, speaking a language, designing a computer winning checkers etc., with a “brain” of its own. Research in AI was making long strides, even as commercial robots and movie based Cyborgs (Terminator), and Corporations (Skynet) awed the common man.

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Connect with Data to Connect with Customers

Data and its importance are talked by everyone. But most of the organisations collect and store customer’s data but they do not make use of it. The information that has been translated into a form that is convenient to move or process for the betterment of customers is derived from data. Data helps in improving and developing the relationship that marketers and customers share. The customers will experience an individual strength driven by the marketers or firm with the help of data.

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How Contact Centers Can Leverage Pokémon Go as an element of Gamification

On July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go was unleashed by San Francisco-based developer Niantic Inc. Since then, the augmented reality game has taken over the gaming world. With its innovative structure and concept, you would think that many people would be wasting their time on it (and you’ll be right). However, organizations are using the game to leverage their business.

As the line between technology and reality keeps getting thinner, organizations are finding innovative ways to engage customers and employees. They are employing gamification as a means to increase competitiveness among employees, in order to make them more productive and keep them motivated. They are ensuring a more fun and enjoyable experience that is intended to produce a positive result.

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Why Contact Center Applications Should Have a Practical User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) of a call center application plays an important role in determining the satisfaction level of end users, i.e. customers. It has a direct impact on many important KPIs that contact centers use to determine the effectiveness and performance of their contact center as a whole. 

A UX should do a particular job for which it has been designed efficiently and without compromising the convenience of the users of these applications. Very often, contact centers forget that the convenience of end users should get the highest priority in an organization in the service sector.

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Tips to Overcome Hurdles Faced by Contact Centers while Deploying Social Media

Social media is a valuable customer support channel. It can be seamlessly integrated as part of a multichannel customer support strategy. It is one of the best channels to provide proactive customer service and thereby, exceed customer expectations.  

However, a contact center that is considering adopting social media to provide customer service will have to overcome certain hurdles.

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