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Francis Cyriac

Francis Cyriac

Francis Cyriac is a content marketer at Ameyo and InsideSalesBox. His passion for helping businesses in all aspects of customer engagement and sales acceleration flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.

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How to Transform Contact Centers into Customer Engagement Centers

Traditionally, among the customer-facing functions, contact centers have always been viewed as a part of doing business, never as a priority - that honor always went to the Marketing and Sales teams. Many do not even know that originally contact centers were started ‘as a means to cut costs and consolidate aspects of operations’.

It took quite a long time though, for experts to realize that no one speaks to customers as much as contact center executives, and more importantly listens more about what they have to say. That way, contact centers are the single best source of primary data in every organization.

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By Ignoring IVR Analytics, you are Ignoring the Future

Truth be told - your IVR should never be ignored, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) analytics play an all important role in the development of MNCs and other firms. Ignoring IVR can become a big problem in the coming future.

It is the end to end call assessment solution. IVR analytics should be a part of every contact center’s customer experience strategy, to say the least.

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Tips to Overcome Hurdles Faced by Contact Centers while Deploying Social Media

Social media is a valuable customer support channel. It can be seamlessly integrated as part of a multichannel customer support strategy. It is one of the best channels to provide proactive customer service and thereby, exceed customer expectations.  

However, a contact center that is considering adopting social media to provide customer service will have to overcome certain hurdles.

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Turret - One of the Most Baffling Jargons Used In Call Centers

Jargons are special words or terms, which are used in a set context. It is well understood by those who fit into the context and can be confusing to those who do not.

In a social conversation, excessive use of jargons makes the user come across as ignorant (if it is used incorrectly or out of context), or arrogant (if it is used excessively). However, it is natural to use them almost every day in call centers, mainly because the primary job deals with a number of technical and IT-related tasks which necessitate the use of these terms.

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Calling Line Identity Localization and How it can be Used to Increase Contact Rates


Calling Line Identity (CLI) is a phone service available in digital and analog phone systems. It is available in many of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications as well. The service transmits the telephone number of the caller to the call-receiving party's telephone equipment when the call is being set up or during the ringing signal. It is done before the call is answered. The caller ID will also display the name of the caller associated with the number if it is pre-programmed. A contact center software can display the information on your computer screen as well.

The process of presenting a localized CLI to the callee is termed as CLI localization. Various organizations, including contact centers, insurance companies, and debt collectors, use it to increase their contact rate.

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3 Factors to Consider Other Than Cost Before Moving Contact Centers to Cloud


Although cost efficiency could be one of the primary reasons for moving your contact center to the cloud i.e. adopting cloud-based applications, it is certainly not the only benefit that you would derive by doing so. A lot of experts and members of a company management take a short term, myopic view as a result of which they can miss out on all the other wonderful opportunities that await them for transforming their on-premise contact centers to cloud-based ones.

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The One Technology that you Definitely Need for your Cloud Contact Center

These days, it is an accepted fact that a cloud-based infrastructure is one of the rapidly growing areas as far as the contact center industry is concerned. In fact, it is estimated that this figure has almost doubled between 2013 and 2015. Now, that would tantamount the percentage of call centers reaching to about 18% as opposed to only 2.2% in 2008.

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Queuing Theory and Erlang Distribution Explained from a Call Center Perspective

Queuing is a widely used concept that is an integral part of inbound contact centers. An ACD or Automatic Call Distributor is used by the call centers for distribution of incoming calls to particular agents or resources, ACD can hold the incoming calls in FIFO (Fast In First Out) sequence until an agent is free to attend a call. From the perspective of a caller, if there was no virtual queuing available, they would have only two options available to them; wait till the time an agent is available or hang up/abandon the call and try calling back later. As far as a call center is concerned, a long queue would mean several abandoned calls, customer dissatisfaction and repeat attempts on the part of the customers.

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Security Solutions to Protect Customer Data in a Contact Center

There is no denying the fact that there is cut-throat competition among all organizations to manage sophisticated contact center operations for meeting their sales targets and the demands of customer service. Though contact center operations are quite effective, these passing years have seen the platform evolve drastically but also exposing the system to a variety of security risks. Some of these security risks can undermine data propriety considerably along with an organization’s business information.

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Role of a Social Media Monitoring Application in a Contact Center

In order to deliver proper customer support using social media, organizations need to include a variety of fresh support channels. The organizations are also under tremendous pressure for delivering high volume customer satisfaction in real-time.

Customer service teams in a contact center have to monitor social media through service information, traffic management, resourcing and a Customer Relationship Management point of view.

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