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Sushovan Saha

Sushovan Saha

Marketing Manager, Sushovan keeps a good track of contact center solutions and his interest in sales reflects in his articles. He is someone who rarely adopts the ‘tried and tested’ formula and this attitude allows him to be at his creative best when the time calls for it.

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Customer Experience takes a Major Leap with Ameyo Engage and Zoho PhoneBridge Integration

Which brand in today’s world doesn’t want superior customer experience, without all hassles of the complexities of interactions?

Ok, that was a rhetorical question, as the answer is bound to be unanimously - ‘No brand’.  This is why Ameyo Engage has taken a step ahead to eliminate the intricacies involved of customer communications.

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5 Contact Center Trends Likely to Dominate the Space In 2017

Technological innovations have been leapfrogging and we humans are racing to catch up. It looks like 2017 is not going to be any different for most businesses, including contact centers or call centers. So, what are the trends at the forefront and looks promising?

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7 Immediate Ways Real-Time Monitoring Make Call Centers Better

Real-time information helps every business to function smoothly. When you have information on the current state of your organization - especially on the sales front, you can get a better grip on your business. This helps to monitor and control the day to day activities more efficiently.

When you can manage the daily operations better, over a period of 3-4 months, you will find that the productivity has gone up considerably. It becomes all the more critical when you can implement real-time monitoring at call centers.

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6 Effective Tips to Identify Call Center Burnout

Call centers signify high-pressure work environments. Employees working in call centers are almost always under pressure to optimize performance and meet their targets. This often results in employee burnout, which directly impacts the customer service quality and workplace satisfaction.

Therefore, Call center managers must be on the lookout for symptoms of burnout in the best interest of the company and the employees. However first, let us understand the phenomenon of burnout.

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7 Tips to Combat Stress in a Call Center Environment

Stress within a call center environment is an undeniable reality. More often than not, call center employees face stress that is multifaceted and difficult to handle. The high-intensity work environment combined with ambitious performance targets and conflicting role requirements -presents varied challenges to employees and leaves them drained.

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Call Center KPIs – 7 Metrics Worth Tracking for Your Business

With present day technological capabilities, and the explosion of applicable data science in the reporting systems, tons of data is present at one’s disposal. Many a time, the relevant data is hidden in the maze of insights derived from less significant metrics. Such information is of little help to improve the business.

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How to use CSAT Score Intelligently to your Advantage

Majority of the customer service companies us Customer Satisfaction - CSAT, to measure the customer experience with the organization. A CSAT survey not only deals with most of the customer touch points, but also is multi-dimensional.

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4 Key Customer Social Styles and How to Tackle Them

An essential criterion to attain success in business is to possess the ability to be flexible while dealing with different kinds of customers. However, it is easier said than done. Anyone who has ever dealt with customers knows that one cannot apply the same technique to deal with different customers.

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10 Customer Service Metrics you should never Ignore

How will you be able to understand the development and the performance of a contact center? Is it possible? Are the contact centers upto the mark? Are they giving customers the right information and platform for them to benefit?

Most of the contact centers have to carry out the primary communication by giving customers a satisfactory experience and delivering high and accurate performance, for them to achieve what they need.

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Automatic Call Distribution 101


Automatic Call Distribution, commonly referred to as ACD, is a systematic series of services utilized in the call-center industry. It’s primary function lies in successfully directing diverse inbound calls to their designated contact service agents. 

With the expansive growth in the service providing market, ACD system’s role has evolved from beyond dispersing inbound traffic to the assigned employee to encompass varied other services.

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