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5 Contact Center Trends Likely to Dominate the Space In 2017

Technological innovations have been leapfrogging and we humans are racing to catch up. It looks like 2017 is not going to be any different for most businesses, including contact centers or call centers. So, what are the trends at the forefront and looks promising?

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5 Best Practices to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Every business has its own objectives and goals. However in essence, every business caters to a single purpose - it either fulfils specific needs of customers, or solves specific issues of customers. This places customers as the most important entity in any and every business.

Any organization that wants to thrive must adopt a customer-centric approach, and treat its customers as the first priority. A customer-centric approach is not a choice but a necessity that every business must address and implement in order to progress.

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Look out! Low Call Center Turnover could be a Warning Sign

Generally, a low employee turnover in any organization would mean that employees are productive and don’t want to leave your organization in search of greener pastures. While part of this is true, considering the recession that has affected the entire world, the low call center turnover rate is more because of the non-availability of jobs elsewhere rather than their loyalty to the organization!

Yes, that’s one major reason for the low call center turnover in recent times.

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7 Immediate Ways Real-Time Monitoring Make Call Centers Better

Real-time information helps every business to function smoothly. When you have information on the current state of your organization - especially on the sales front, you can get a better grip on your business. This helps to monitor and control the day to day activities more efficiently.

When you can manage the daily operations better, over a period of 3-4 months, you will find that the productivity has gone up considerably. It becomes all the more critical when you can implement real-time monitoring at call centers.

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6 Effective Tips to Identify Call Center Burnout

Call centers signify high-pressure work environments. Employees working in call centers are almost always under pressure to optimize performance and meet their targets. This often results in employee burnout, which directly impacts the customer service quality and workplace satisfaction.

Therefore, Call center managers must be on the lookout for symptoms of burnout in the best interest of the company and the employees. However first, let us understand the phenomenon of burnout.

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Top Traits to Look for when Hiring a Customer Support Agent

Hiring excellent customer support agents is integral to enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty. In order to strengthen the backbone of your company’s customer service segment, you require candidates who can effectively address customer requirements, work as team players, and help to realize the organization’s goals.

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7 Tips to Combat Stress in a Call Center Environment

Stress within a call center environment is an undeniable reality. More often than not, call center employees face stress that is multifaceted and difficult to handle. The high-intensity work environment combined with ambitious performance targets and conflicting role requirements -presents varied challenges to employees and leaves them drained.

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5 Tips to Reduce After Call Work in the Contact Center

What is After Call Work, (ACW)

A collective set of tasks executed by call center agents after finishing the conversation with the customers is termed as After Call Work. ACW typically includes updating the database with information collected during the call, which will help in the future interactions with the customer, and notifications to other divisions on further action to be taken, and of course adding the solution to the knowledge base if the issue is resolved. After Call Work is a component of a critical call center KPI, the Average Handle Time. While on ACW, the agent would not be able to accept any call, and is also often called Post Call Processing or Wrap up.

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Call Center KPIs – 7 Metrics Worth Tracking for Your Business

With present day technological capabilities, and the explosion of applicable data science in the reporting systems, tons of data is present at one’s disposal. Many a time, the relevant data is hidden in the maze of insights derived from less significant metrics. Such information is of little help to improve the business.

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Why Do We Love Contact Centers?

Ever thought of a nightmare where you buy a product or sign up for a service and it utterly doesn’t live upto your expectations, and you have no means of reaching out to the vendor or the supplier?

What would you do if you had no contact center or support number that is provided along with the product? Who would you call/message/complaint? How would you return the product or know the procedure for returning it, when you have nothing over your email or there’s no option for a chat support? Yes, it would be a nightmare.

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