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How to Handle Escalated Calls

Contact center employees are accustomed to dealing with different kinds of customers having varied issues. But sometimes they are faced with situations that test their ability to handle customers and provide effective solutions.One of the most challenging situations faced by the employees is handling an escalated call. It is something that no contact center employee wishes to deal with, and yet cannot ignore it if the situation crops up. For any contact center, it is important that the escalated call is handled well and the problem is resolved. 

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Why Do We Love Contact Centers?

Ever thought of a nightmare where you buy a product or sign up for a service and it utterly doesn’t live upto your expectations, and you have no means of reaching out to the vendor or the supplier?

What would you do if you had no contact center or support number that is provided along with the product? Who would you call/message/complaint? How would you return the product or know the procedure for returning it, when you have nothing over your email or there’s no option for a chat support? Yes, it would be a nightmare.

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10 Surefire Call Center Training Methods That Improve Quality


Your call or customer contact center works as a conduit for the interaction between your company and the general public. Thus, naturally, the nature of your customer/call center has a paramount value and stake to the future of your enterprise in terms of both reputation and resilience in the face of competition from rivals in the market.

Here are a few ways by which you may establish, ensure and safeguard an effective and par excellent customer contact center:

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Everything You Need to Know About First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution (FCR) refers to a customer’s issue being fully resolved during the first interaction with a contact center. FCR is a vital key performance indicator to measure the quality of customer experience as well as the efficiency of the contact center. A high FCR rate means that less number of customers have to contact the center again for the resolution of their problem. This results in the saving of time and money for both the customer and the contact center.

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Turret - One of the Most Baffling Jargons Used In Call Centers

Jargons are special words or terms, which are used in a set context. It is well understood by those who fit into the context and can be confusing to those who do not.

In a social conversation, excessive use of jargons makes the user come across as ignorant (if it is used incorrectly or out of context), or arrogant (if it is used excessively). However, it is natural to use them almost every day in call centers, mainly because the primary job deals with a number of technical and IT-related tasks which necessitate the use of these terms.

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5 Practical Tips to Make Your After-Call Work Quicker and More Efficient

It is a well known fact that one of the most important metrics or parameters based on which performance of a call center and its workforce is decided is - the average handling time of a call.

Now, an average handling time of a call center can be defined as follows:

Average handling Time (AHT) = (Total talk time+ Total hold time + Total time spent in wrapping up calls)/(the number of calls received). The hold time also includes the time spent by a caller in the call queue.

This blog aims to discuss steps that would help reduce the time spent on after-call work or wrap up work on a call.

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How 'Fast Clear Down' can Impact Call Center Metrics


Fast Clear Down or FCD refers to the situation when a customer calling the contact center, upon hearing a delay announcement via the IVR, hangs up the call immediately. They are not ready to wait even a minute or two. FCDs impact the call center metrics very negatively. The only way to avoid FCD is to reduce the average waiting time or the 'average time in queue' as much as possible. Average time in queue is the average amount of time a customer waits in a call center queue, from the moment they enter the queue, in order to get his/her call answered by an agent. It is a very important call center KPI (Key Performance Indicator). It is the endeavor of every call center manager to keep the average-time-in-queue as low as possible.

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How Lean Six Sigma Certifications can Improve Contact Center Operations


The primary aim of a contact center is provide top class service to customers. A good contact center always tries to improve the customer experience and solve problems that they might be facing. A contact center also aims to improve customer relationships and provide customized services. Whatever be the role of a contact center, it can suffer if there is no uniformity amongst different processes and no uniform employee training programs to iron out the creases from the operations.

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Why is ASA (Average Speed of Answer) Considered Difficult to Interpret?

ASA or Average Speed of Answer is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that is usually used by call center managers to assess the efficiency and performance of their teams along with the magnitude of accessibility for their callers. Though, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular call center performance metrics, it can be also be tough for some to interpret.

Contact center managers should have a thorough understanding of what ASA actually is so that they can interpret it successfully. It is also important for them to measure KPI properly and appreciate the impact of a high ASA on the call center in its entirety, along with its agents and customers.

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5 Key Reasons Why You Need Real-Time Monitoring in Your Call Center

It is a big challenge to manage a contact center well enough so that customer service and productivity are always at very high levels. Real-time monitoring, however, can assist your call center to keepproper track of all the agents so that quality is not compromised at any cost.

Being aware of what exactly is happening in your call center is important. The extent to which the agents comply with the processes and the given quality guidelines and also what is communicated  between the agents and the customers is highly crucial for getting success in the long-run.

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