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Customer Experience takes a Major Leap with Ameyo Engage and Zoho PhoneBridge Integration

Which brand in today’s world doesn’t want superior customer experience, without all hassles of the complexities of interactions?

Ok, that was a rhetorical question, as the answer is bound to be unanimously - ‘No brand’.  This is why Ameyo Engage has taken a step ahead to eliminate the intricacies involved of customer communications.

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How Chatbots will Transform Customer Service

If you have a product that resonates well with the requirements of your target audience, your customers will definitely turn into brand advocates. The journey of earning brand advocates require enough commitment from businesses so that they can create ‘WOW’ experience. Thus, organizations need to keep themselves updated on latest innovations and technology updates.

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2017 is the Year of Great Customer Service [Infographic]

Satisfying customers throughout their journey has always been at the heart of business strategy, In the past few years, more emphasis was being laid on spreading smiles and delivering consistent experience. Well, 2017 is the year for creating inspiring memories that your customers will not only remember but at the same time will be compelled to spread good word about your brand.

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How to Enhance your Customer Experience with Social Media Monitoring

Mr. Henry after having a bad experience on a dinner date with his wife in a multi cuisine restaurant indulged in a conversation with the manager. He decided to walk out after stating “Do not worry, I will go on social media and rate you there.”

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5 Contact Center Trends Likely to Dominate the Space In 2017

Technological innovations have been leapfrogging and we humans are racing to catch up. It looks like 2017 is not going to be any different for most businesses, including contact centers or call centers. So, what are the trends at the forefront and looks promising?

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5 Best Practices to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Every business has its own objectives and goals. However in essence, every business caters to a single purpose - it either fulfils specific needs of customers, or solves specific issues of customers. This places customers as the most important entity in any and every business.

Any organization that wants to thrive must adopt a customer-centric approach, and treat its customers as the first priority. A customer-centric approach is not a choice but a necessity that every business must address and implement in order to progress.

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7 Challenging Customer Service Scenarios and How to Handle Them

Every business thrives on happy customers and it is one of their main business goals to keep their customers happy. ‘Customer is the king’ for every business! Hence satisfied clients are the biggest assets for the company. Handling customer service is not a cake walk. There are many hurdles in handling a customer in a satisfactory way. The main aspect of the job is to handle different people with different perspectives and that is quite massive. More than the job, the people are difficult to handle.  The customer service representative interacts with a wide variety of people who are from various backgrounds and different socio-economic statures. There’s a lot of patience, spontaneity and positivity required to handle the different types of customers and issues they deal with on a daily basis.

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6 Proven Steps to Build Rapport with Customers over Phone

Rapport building is an essential communication skill that can impact the outcome of any conversation. The end result of any communication is always better when the interaction takes place smoothly than when it is strained.

For call center employees, building rapport with customers effectively translates into higher sales and increased customer satisfaction ratings. Establishing a good rapport means creating a comfortable state where conversation can flow freely and easily. But it can be challenging for agents to establish a connection and build rapport with customers over the phone. This makes it imperative for call center agents to be skilled in the art of rapport building.

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Top 20 Customer Service Skills You Need to Know in 2017 [Infographic]

Handling customers over the phone might not be an easy task especially for those who are not using their right set of skills for negotiating with customers. In order to reap out maximum benefits from the current customer service strategy, it is very necessary for agents to build a sort of relationship with customers that ensures repeat business. Always remember that unhappy customers are lost opportunity and they not only have the power to give negative feedbacks about your brand but at the same time can also create circumstances that can kill the loyalty of your current customers.

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How to use CSAT Score Intelligently to your Advantage

Majority of the customer service companies us Customer Satisfaction - CSAT, to measure the customer experience with the organization. A CSAT survey not only deals with most of the customer touch points, but also is multi-dimensional.

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