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By Ignoring IVR Analytics, you are Ignoring the Future

Truth be told - your IVR should never be ignored, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) analytics play an all important role in the development of MNCs and other firms. Ignoring IVR can become a big problem in the coming future.

It is the end to end call assessment solution. IVR analytics should be a part of every contact center’s customer experience strategy, to say the least.

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Cloud IVR vs. On-Premise IVR - A Comparative Study

There was a time when you could run a call center with as much technology as you could fit inside one or two tin boxes. Then came a stage when software-based solutions became popular in a contact center. Today, with the tremendous advancements in technology, call center solutions are available on-premise or through cloud computing environment.

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Why Speech Enabled IVR Systems is the Best Way Forward


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have been around for quite some time now, but it is only recently that its importance is being truly appreciated with the development of Speech Enabled IVR systems.

An IVR, which is a basic telephony menu system, is equipped to guide or prompt the caller to perform basic operations on the phone that allows the system to identify the need of the caller and channel him/her to the right customer handling executive. This can also enable screening and routing.

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5 Simple Tips to Optimize your Interactive Voice Response System

In today’s world of customer service, automated IVR systems are no longer an option for most companies, they end up being a necessity. The cost of paying customer service agents, either in-sourced or outsourced is rapidly getting too high, and IVR systems are a cost effective way of bringing down the high overhead costs associated with customer service, and consequently, products. However, IVR systems are believed to be notoriously difficult to navigate, and there are still customers who will do anything they can to get to a customer-service agent even when the Interactive Voice Response system would have solved their issue.

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How IVR Helps To Improve Your Customer's Experience

Many companies strongly believe that IVR is more a customer nuisance than being helpful. The results of numerous surveys conducted on the customer’s vantage point of IVR showed that even though they were irksome, short descriptive messages were welcomed. The existing IVR systems are confusing and never to the point. Most customers hang up because of frustration.

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