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The Relevance of Omnichannel Capabilities in the Mobile Context

A latest buzz with respect to the functioning of contact centers is the “Omnichannel” interaction. Though many owners of business are aware that it is an important aspect for them to implement in their contact centers, there are still quite a few who are yet to appreciate its capabilities. Therefore, they could even be losing their valuable customers because of this reason. What is even worse is that there are businesses who claim that they are offering Omnichannel capabilities without even fully realising the meaning.

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Role of a Social Media Monitoring Application in a Contact Center

In order to deliver proper customer support using social media, organizations need to include a variety of fresh support channels. The organizations are also under tremendous pressure for delivering high volume customer satisfaction in real-time.

Customer service teams in a contact center have to monitor social media through service information, traffic management, resourcing and a Customer Relationship Management point of view.

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How to Optimize Your 140-Character Tweets for Customer Support


If you haven't spend 30 minutes trying to contact a call center, let me tell you this, you are one in a million. There are times when you even had to wait for several days for getting a reply to an email that you had written to an online store’s customer service department for checking your order status.

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WebRTC- The New Technological Force in Cloud Contact Center Solutions

WebRTC is one of the best digital disruptive technologies around. The best feature of this communication interface is that it integrates the advantages of siloed communication channels used by a business at its various touch points and offers seamless connectivity. WebRTC has been around from the beginning of this new decade and it is a really efficient solution that can easily transcend technological and communication barriers that businesses and their customers face in their interactions. 

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Messaging as a Mainstream Customer Support Channel in Contact Centers

With falling margins of profit, spiraling costs and falling volumes of inbound telephone calls, contact centers are gasping for fresh air. A reason being cited is the reluctance of customers, especially the millennials, to engage with customer service agents on the telephone. However, does it mean people have stopped looking for service or assistance? The answer is clearly no. 

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The Omnichannel Evolution in Cloud Contact Centers

In case you belong to the customer service industry, the terms “multichannel” and “omnichannel” will not be foreign to you. These two terms are synonymous while anyone discusses customer experience.  However, since these buzzwords are relatively new in the contact center industry, they are frequently used interchangeably leading to confusion and chaos. When you understand and examine these terms in a better manner, more clarity can be achieved on how they have a deep impact in creating a positive customer experience.

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