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Are you Using Predictive Dialers Effectively?



The Banking industry, almost 30 years ago started using predictive dialers for debt collection. From there many other industries also started using these dialers, which started as only hardware and evolved into ones with cloud based predictive software. There are even integrated ones with CRM systems which gives insights into call metrics.

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The 5 Different Types of Dialer for Handling all Situations in Contact Centers

A dialer is an electronic device that is used to monitor the numbers dialed from a telephone, and alter them to provide services that would otherwise require long international and national access codes. It is typically connected to a telephone line. The telephone numbers are inserted and modified automatically by the dialer depending on the country, the time of the day, or the area code dialed.

For instance, a dialer could be programmed to use the service of one service provider for cellular calls, and another for international calls. Most of the contact center software are integrated with a dialer which is a computer program. There are a number of dialing modes, and these are programmed in a contact center depending on how the call is placed.

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5 Immensely Beneficial Features of Auto Dialer

Auto dialer is essentially a software or an electronic device that dials telephone numbers automatically. When the call is connected, it passes the call to a live agent or plays a recorded message. While most call centers deploy auto dialers but few know how to make optimum use of it.

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Top 6 Critical Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer dials a list of phone numbers. When a call is answered, it will connect the call directly to the person who made the call. To understand it better, consider an example from a call center. The predictive dialer system can dial a new customer number even when an agent is already busy with a customer. As soon as the customer answers the call, it will be passed on to a waiting agent. The advantage of this is that it saves the time to dial a number. Let's say it takes around twenty seconds to manually dial a number and let it ring for three or four times. Imagine the time a predictive dialer will save during the entire day.

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The future of predictive dialers

First let us get down to basics, what is a predictive dialer? It is an automated dialer that dials a list of numbers and connects them to an agent as soon as the phone is answered. Ever since dialers were introduced as an efficient outbound sales tool for telemarketers, automated call connects were the next technology change which resulted in the creation of predictive dialers. Over the decade innovations to this technology included answering machine detection and call time preference, which have further made this into a useful tool for customer outreach.

But what’s next?

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Auto Dialer Software Regulations in the US that you should know

2014 has gone by and when you look back, you feel you have committed a few gaffes last year that would have caused you serious trouble in business. No worries, this New Year gives you a chance to wash your hands clean of any past transgressions and get a fresh start, fixing up and learning from the mistakes that you committed.

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Automatic Dialler Software Regulations in UK that you should know

In the past few years, the telemarketing industry in the UK has groused drastically when the abandon call regulations were revised; a strong proof that they have been implemented across successfully.  Or we can say perhaps, it’s an evidence that organizations have gradually learned to use their diallers better.

Ofcom, the UK’s independent regulator and competition authority for British communications industries, has reported that the number of registered complaints concerning abandoned calls has dropped by 27 percent since April 2013.

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How to Eliminate Dropped Calls with an Intelligent Outbound Dialer

Did you know predictive dialer technology can enhance an agent’s productivity by 150% to 400%? This is possible because a predictive dialing campaign effectively avoids dropped calls by connecting them to a rollover IVR solution. This eliminates the lag time for customers due to absenteeism of the agent at the concerned desk.

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7 Must-Haves in an Outbound Call Center Software

According to, the outbound call center solution market is expected to see a 5.5% growth in 2016 and 2017, compared to its performance in 2014. The escalation is expected to be driven by the fusion of outbound solutions and the existing in-bound call center models. This is likely to be accomplished by a virtual call center software.

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Don’t use a Predictive Dialer Software Blindly!


A business does not merely survive by making a few calls here and there – and if you want really want your business to prosper, then chances are that you will have to make hundreds, if not thousands, of sales calls every month. That indicates that you are going to need the technology that can cope with that amount of calling, and the traditional fashioned way of doing things simply does not cut it anymore.

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