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Why Companies are Moving From On-Premise to Cloud Contact Centers


Uptil recently, enterprises majorly invested in “legacy” business software model. According to Forrester Research -

“Around two third of the software budgets in 2015 were allocated to to this model”

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Customer Experience takes a Major Leap with Ameyo Engage and Zoho PhoneBridge Integration

Which brand in today’s world doesn’t want superior customer experience, without all hassles of the complexities of interactions?

Ok, that was a rhetorical question, as the answer is bound to be unanimously - ‘No brand’.  This is why Ameyo Engage has taken a step ahead to eliminate the intricacies involved of customer communications.

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How Chatbots will Transform Customer Service

If you have a product that resonates well with the requirements of your target audience, your customers will definitely turn into brand advocates. The journey of earning brand advocates require enough commitment from businesses so that they can create ‘WOW’ experience. Thus, organizations need to keep themselves updated on latest innovations and technology updates.

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2017 is the Year of Great Customer Service [Infographic]

Satisfying customers throughout their journey has always been at the heart of business strategy, In the past few years, more emphasis was being laid on spreading smiles and delivering consistent experience. Well, 2017 is the year for creating inspiring memories that your customers will not only remember but at the same time will be compelled to spread good word about your brand.

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How to Enhance your Customer Experience with Social Media Monitoring

Mr. Henry after having a bad experience on a dinner date with his wife in a multi cuisine restaurant indulged in a conversation with the manager. He decided to walk out after stating “Do not worry, I will go on social media and rate you there.”

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3 Most Common Myths that Prevent SMBs from Moving to Cloud

It has never been this difficult to run a small and midsize business. The biggest reason is that the shrinking world has brought the biggest players to even the most local markets and it has become extremely difficult for small companies to compete.

One of the allies that they have in this highly competitive world is cloud-based technology, which allows them to access fantastic solutions at affordable prices. According to the latest surveys, the percentage of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that use certain cloud-based services is on the rise, but there are still many who are refusing.

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How Cloud Contact Center Solution Evolved Over Time [Infographic]

With time you must have gained expertise in providing exemplary experience to your customers whether it is in terms of resolving queries on the first go or serving them at the 11th hour. Technology can be one of the major reasons behind the success story of businesses out of which contact center software plays a major role. Contact center software has not only eased the life of agents but at the same time has also helped in gaining customer loyalty overtime. When organizations have the capability of controlling their inbound and outbound interactions, they become leaders in customer experience domain.

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5 Contact Center Trends Likely to Dominate the Space In 2017

Technological innovations have been leapfrogging and we humans are racing to catch up. It looks like 2017 is not going to be any different for most businesses, including contact centers or call centers. So, what are the trends at the forefront and looks promising?

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5 Best Practices to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Every business has its own objectives and goals. However in essence, every business caters to a single purpose - it either fulfils specific needs of customers, or solves specific issues of customers. This places customers as the most important entity in any and every business.

Any organization that wants to thrive must adopt a customer-centric approach, and treat its customers as the first priority. A customer-centric approach is not a choice but a necessity that every business must address and implement in order to progress.

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Look out! Low Call Center Turnover could be a Warning Sign

Generally, a low employee turnover in any organization would mean that employees are productive and don’t want to leave your organization in search of greener pastures. While part of this is true, considering the recession that has affected the entire world, the low call center turnover rate is more because of the non-availability of jobs elsewhere rather than their loyalty to the organization!

Yes, that’s one major reason for the low call center turnover in recent times.

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