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7 Benefits of Using Call Recording Software in your Call Center

A call recording software records phone conversations over VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), and stores them in digital audio format. The software may have call logging functionality as well. It is extremely important for call centers to have a call recording software to provide excellent customer service, and that way increase their sales and service.

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Top 6 Critical Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer dials a list of phone numbers. When a call is answered, it will connect the call directly to the person who made the call. To understand it better, consider an example from a call center. The predictive dialer system can dial a new customer number even when an agent is already busy with a customer. As soon as the customer answers the call, it will be passed on to a waiting agent. The advantage of this is that it saves the time to dial a number. Let's say it takes around twenty seconds to manually dial a number and let it ring for three or four times. Imagine the time a predictive dialer will save during the entire day.

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How to Design a Business Continuity Plan for Your Call Center

Imagine that your call center has been paralyzed by a sudden disaster; say a massive fire in the building. There is not even a shred of doubt that your business would get significantly impacted by the event. However, there has to be a Plan B to minimize the impact and get back to the usual drill as soon as possible.

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How IVR Helps To Improve Your Customer's Experience

Many companies strongly believe that IVR is more a customer nuisance than being helpful. The results of numerous surveys conducted on the customer’s vantage point of IVR showed that even though they were irksome, short descriptive messages were welcomed. The existing IVR systems are confusing and never to the point. Most customers hang up because of frustration.

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Five Benefits Your Call Center Can Gain From Voice Broadcasting

A technique of mass communication that gained popularity post 1990s after its introduction, voice broadcasting, helps in the relay of broadcast messages via telephone to larger numbers of customers at the same time. Those using voice broadcast possess the ability to contact member, constituents, subscribers, customers or employee immediately. Voice broadcasting is also used by the government during emergency situations and is known as the emergency notification system.

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Difference Between Informing And Frustrating Your Callers

It is not always easy to handle customer interactions at a call center. Every conversation is unique since customer requirements vary. However, you can improve all customer interactions by understanding the difference between informing and frustrating your callers.

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A Checklist for Call Center Disaster Management

A disaster is accidental and could hit any business establishment anytime. Being prepared for a disaster is one of the prerequisites for running a successful business. A call center is no exception to the rule. Like any other industry, a call center also has its own intricacies and when a disaster hits a call center, the way to tackle the same would be entirely different from any other organization. Consequently, a unique checklist needs to be prepared for any unforeseen disaster such that the organization could come out of the shock as soon as feasible. Here goes the checklist so that you could manage a disaster that might hit your call center:

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Five Technological Challenges Startups Should be Prepared For

Working to build a startup could be quite a difficult task. Here are the top five technological challenges that startups need to be prepared for:

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Standing True On Your Customer's Expectations From Your Call Center


Call centers can play a significant role in the development of a company’s reputation. The attitude of the call center executives towards customers enable them to predict the quality of service that would be offered to them by the company. No business can compromise on customer satisfaction in today’s age.

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Six Qualities Customers Look for in a Customer Care Representative

There are certain customer handling skills that call center representatives should master if they are to act with discernment and expertise. Without these qualities, businesses run the risk of finding themselves in an embarrassing train-wreck when it comes to offering good quality service. They lose customers, as people are let down. Fortunately, there are skills that all customer support members can master to improve their customer interaction abilities.

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The Dilemma of Acceptable Call Holding Time on Busy Days

Long waiting queues are the bane of a call center. Customers do not like waiting. Whether they are tapping their fingers while being put on hold or staring at their watches in a checkout line, the time that they spend waiting definitely diminishes their customer experience. Long hold and wait times mean big service issues when they come up, lost sales, and customers wouldn't mind switching to another service provider at a moment's notice.

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The Call Back Feature: A Must-have for Call Centers

According to a Harris Interactive report, 75 percent customers believe that it takes too long to reach a live agent. It is no wonder then, that the number of abandoned calls is very high. However, the call back feature could well be a revolution that increases customer satisfaction significantly. This is a computer telephony feature that allows a customer waiting in queue to reserve his place in it by requesting a call back.

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Why is it time to Dump Your Archaic Call Center Software?

Are you still working from an on-premise center? Do you still own all the hardware and software that manage and distribute calls from customers, and is your management's attention divided between IT maintenance and customer satisfaction? If that is the case, look around yourself; the world is moving on. Technological developments have made it a lot easier for you to focus on what is really important – a better customer experience, increased sales and collection, and a brand name that is synonymous with reliability. If you are unsure about whether it is time to upgrade your software, here are some pointers that will show you that the existing system is not helping your business achieve its true potential.

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Are you Ignoring Customer Call Data?

In the words of Rick Tate, the author of Leadership and the Customer Revolution, “Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral.” One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging customer call data. It is through the collation and analysis of data that the company comes closer to understanding the needs of its customer and is able to meet them effectively.