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How to Reduce Customer Escalations in a Call Center

In general, a call is escalated mainly because of two reasons. The first is that the issue is so complex that the agent is unable to handle it due to lack of knowledge and resources. The second situation is when the call goes totally out of control from the agent's hands, due to a number of reasons, and the customer demands to speak to a supervisor or a manager. While it's impossible to eliminate escalation calls from happening in your call center, you can take measures to reduce the number.

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10 Tips to Manage Night Shift Effectively

Shift work is not easy because it involves forcing your body to operate counter to its natural / circadian rhythm (the internal clock that tells your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up). You have to be active and alert at night when your body is programmed to sleep, and sleep during the day when your body is wired to be awake. Following are some tips on how to manage the night shift effectively.

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Tips to Select the Best Headset for your Call Center

A call center environment is usually very noisy. Agents consistently on the phone with the customers, agents conversing with each other, and so on, contribute to the noise factor. While noise is integral to the collaborative atmosphere of a call center, it may make for an unpleasant experience for the customer, as well as for an agent on a call. 

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10 Points to Consider While Drafting a Call Center Script

The primary purpose of a good call center script is not to sound scripted to the customer, isn’t it? However, many a times we get swayed with monotonic languages that we forget the relevance of crafting a good scripts.

Customers should feel that the agent is having a real conversation with them, rather than running through a script. Therefore, a good agent with a good script will be able to make the script invisible to the customer. Following are some points to consider while developing a call center script.

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How Computer Telephony Integration can benefit your Call Center

Sure you want to upgrade your call center to better suit the rapid pace of modernization but you haven’t yet considered Computer telephony integration (CTI). It can be safely assumed that you have undermined a key aspect of the modern call center.

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How to Set-Up a Call Center With a Limited Budget

Are you setting up a call center for your own business? Or maybe planning to provide call center services to other businesses as a service? In that case, the cost required to set up a center is something you should take note of. For companies, big and small alike, a call center is a cost center.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Implement Live Chat in your Call Center


Call centers were basically designed and initiated to support sales and after-sales services of product and service companies. As time went by, corporations big and small added more processes to their call center activities, to make them more functional for both the centers and the customers. The live chat process happened to be one such addition.

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A Secret Checklist to Carve a Successful Call Center Story


Call centers are certainly a boon to organizations that want to create, develop and maintain good relationships with their clients. It helps them add a personal touch to their sales and after-sales services. 

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5 Immensely Beneficial Features of Auto Dialer

Auto dialer is essentially a software or an electronic device that dials telephone numbers automatically. When the call is connected, it passes the call to a live agent or plays a recorded message. While most call centers deploy auto dialers but few know how to make optimum use of it.

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9 Ways to Improve Call Center Retention and Turnover

Call center turnover is one of the biggest problems faced by organizations today. Agent attrition makes an enormous impact on almost all the call centers. Replacing an agent takes time, money, and resources. Losing an agent also means increased workload, and additional stress, for other employees. Reducing attrition rate is important for the success of a call center, or any other business for that matter.

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Keep Your Call Center Agents Motivated by Following This Simple Exercise

A call center job can become monotonous. Performing the same troubleshooting steps, and answering the same customer queries can all make an employee bored, and compliant. So, it is essential to keep the employees motivated, and active.

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Why You Should Have a Call Monitoring Software in your Call Center


Businesses, small or big, can really benefit from a call monitoring software. A call center, especially, can benefit a lot from monitoring the calls of their agents. Most of the call centers have a call monitoring software in place. It helps them to enhance their quality management programs.

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Top 7 Qualities to Look for when Hiring your All-Star Call Center Agent

Hiring an efficient employee for your call center is not an easy job. Screening potential candidates based on skill, personality, and motivation are just a few criteria that have to be considered during the entire hiring process. It is essential to know what exactly makes an agent successful in a call center. Following are some of the top qualities required for a call center agent.

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