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A Balanced Call Center Scorecard and the Way It Works

A lot of call centers use balanced scorecards to track their performance. On the opposite end, there are some who are still not familiar with the concept of a balanced scorecard and how it works. A balanced scorecard is now a popular methodology to describe one’s business from the standpoint of the organizational performance. It constitutes of all the elements of a business that cannot be quantified or defined in terms of functions and costs otherwise.

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The Multiple Benefits of Co-Sourcing for your Call Center

Co-sourcing in call centers is becoming quite popular nowadays. According to this arrangement, some of the agents in a call-center work in-house while others work for a service provider externally. When a call center employee works for an external service provider, it is the latter’s responsibility to look after functions like recruitment, managing, staffing, and training the agents.

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How to Design an Effective Call Scoring Evaluation Form

The simplest way to design a call scoring evaluation form would be by taking the help of a reputed Quality Assurance vendor. Usually, such vendors have various kinds of sample forms and do not mind sharing them, especially when they feel that you may purchase their solution.

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Call Calibration Process and its Importance in Call Centers

Delivering excellent customer service is only possible when many business areas contribute in some way or the other. The organization’s website should be user-friendly and navigable, frontline staff should be friendly while interacting with customers, and agents in the call center should be extremely knowledgeable.

A key strategy to deliver consistent and superb customer service through a contact center is to regularly engage in systematic call calibration process. In these sessions, the agents of a contact center and their supervisors come together along with a vendor who is entrusted with monitoring quality.

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How Change in Call Center Culture can Root out Negativity

Work culture inside a call center necessarily means a state where employees would love to come to work and have pleasant interactions with customers. If the work culture in a call center is not good, the employees will not feel motivated to come to work. This, in turn, can have negative consequences in the long run.

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Customer Service Trends that the Experts Saw in the Crystal Ball a Few Years ago

Often, it is not easy to predict the future. Despite that, it really makes sense for the business leaders to have a proper business plan in place. It will also help them in securing the funds that are necessary for procuring investments, as well as make the required changes in the structure of their organization.

Since the last few years, it has been observed that customers have become extremely savvy as they are making extensive use of social media for talking about their brands. Customers have been also using their smartphones increasingly for interacting with the organizations whose products or services they have been using.

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How to Minimize Call Center Gossip and Enhance Productivity

Gossips on the call center floor or outside the office premises are equally unavoidable, and are bound to take place no matter how hard the management tries. Gossips in a call center can be regarded as a necessary evil as it has both negative and positive effects on call centers’ performance and productivity.

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Give your New Call Center a Head Start

Do you want to give your new contact center a head start so that you can deliver well and have smiling customers? Check out some of the criteria to achieve your goals.

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Benefits of Implementing Voice Biometrics in your Call Center


With the passage of time, voice has become a practical authentication method, because a person’s voice is unique just like his/her fingerprint or iris. Voice Biometric is a numerical representation of the sound, pattern and modulation of one’s voice Voice biometrics doesn’t mean more security; rather it results in much better security. It brings benefits to both the consumer and also for the corporation. 

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Getting Your Call Center Onboarding Program Right

Broadly speaking, the onboarding program is a human resources practice that helps new employees to learn the ropes, so that they don't have to struggle when they go live as agents on the call center floor.

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Call Center Interview Questions to Prepare Yourself


Call center jobs pay well and there are plenty of opportunities for social interactions. So if you are a peoples' person and you like to solve problems, a call center is a good place to work.

But before you can get the job, you have to go through a batch of interviews. Here, it literally pays if you are prepared. There are different questions for inbound customer service and outbound service. Here are the top questions. 

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How a Call Center Can Take Advantage of the Speech Recognition Technology

The capability of a program or a machine to identify phrases or words in a particular spoken language or natural speech and then turn them into a format that can be read by machines is known as speech recognition. Speech Recognition application is used in a call center for handling the incoming calls of the customers.

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The Significance of Knowledge Management Process at Call Centers

Knowledge management or KM, as it is popularly known, has a variety of connotations for various people. A number of organizations look at KM as a procedure to share information critical to its functioning. For many other businesses, KM essentially means the maintenance of documents that allow the technicians and engineers to share data, design and best practices.

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How to Effectively Manage Peak Time in a Call Center

Call centers are bound to experience busy seasons from time to time. Many call centers struggle at their peak times when the call volumes are quite high. However, managing the call center during peak times can be a hugely burdensome job if things are not sorted.

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8 Key Trends That Will Drive Call Center Outsourcing in 2016

The present day workforce has grown immensely with the rapid rise in technology at every developmental level. It is natural that they would expect a technological shift from traditional working styles to a more flexible and relaxed environment. Customers are also conducting their business on-the-go to keep up with these changing trends.
Quite obviously, organizations are also looking to transform and optimize current call center operations to suit the needs of both employees and customers in order to reap long-term benefits and large profits.

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Three Levels of Call Center Agent Burnout

Call center agents need to go through a lot of stress during their working hours every day. They need to meet the growing customer expectations, adhere to the processes and policies of the organization, meet the performance metrics and give their best for meeting the stringent requirements imposed by the management. It is because of all these factors that call center agents find their work quite taxing, as well as, stressful from time to time. In fact, many experts rank job at a call center as one of world’s most stressful jobs.

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