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5 Key Reasons Why You Need Real-Time Monitoring in Your Call Center

It is a big challenge to manage a contact center well enough so that customer service and productivity are always at very high levels. Real-time monitoring, however, can assist your call center to keepproper track of all the agents so that quality is not compromised at any cost.

Being aware of what exactly is happening in your call center is important. The extent to which the agents comply with the processes and the given quality guidelines and also what is communicated  between the agents and the customers is highly crucial for getting success in the long-run.

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Role of a Social Media Monitoring Application in a Contact Center

In order to deliver proper customer support using social media, organizations need to include a variety of fresh support channels. The organizations are also under tremendous pressure for delivering high volume customer satisfaction in real-time.

Customer service teams in a contact center have to monitor social media through service information, traffic management, resourcing and a Customer Relationship Management point of view.

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Key Features and Benefits of Intelligent Voice Broadcasting Technology


Voice broadcasting technology has gained wide acceptance across most service delivery firms since the turn of the millennium. It allows a company to cost effectively reach a wide audience in a comparatively short period of time with remarkable success.

In a contact center, speed of delivery of service can make all the difference between success and failure. Since, companies today have a huge CRM or customer database, generating personalized sales pitch and delivering a strong message to each individual separately on the list is a logistical challenge. Even if auto-dialers are used, it would still take time.

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Why is Data One of the Most Useful Contact Center Elements to Improve Productivity?


You must have heard the well-established aphorism “Numbers don’t lie.” If you are a contact center manager or supervisor, it is time to shrug off your indifference to data. Even if you have not realized it, it is actually doing more harm than good to your business.

A modern contact center, thanks to improved backup and archival capabilities, collects vast amounts of data. But many are skeptical to use proper analytical tools to understand the impact of these numbers and data on their business because of the humongous data volume. But this means that you are losing out on golden opportunities to expand your business.

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How to Optimize Your 140-Character Tweets for Customer Support


If you haven't spend 30 minutes trying to contact a call center, let me tell you this, you are one in a million. There are times when you even had to wait for several days for getting a reply to an email that you had written to an online store’s customer service department for checking your order status.

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Top Contact Center Analysts and Leading Thinkers on Social Media

The customer care and support industry is going through quite a transformation. In this decade, we have seen a number of disruptive technologies that have changed how contact center managers and leaders work.

These innovations have not only galvanized the industry but also improved user experience and convenience. Gone are the days of linear telemarketing and simple emails. Manual call distributions have also become a thing of the past.

The wide distribution of smart phones, growth and popularity of social media, digitization of traditional contact center processes, development of unified communication technologies, innovative software applications (support), cloud computing and the affordability and rise of big data have disrupted and revolutionized the communication industry beyond recognition.

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Simple Troubleshooting Methods To Resolve VoIP Call Quality Issues


Many customers complain of poor quality in the calls they receive or make to a contact center. This can result in a reduced customer experience and higher churn rate. As a result, many contact centers are witnessing a dwindling volume of voice calls.

Despite these issues, VoIP calls have some inherent benefits like cost reduction, scalability and lower chances of complete “breakdown” or disruption, in comparison to traditional landlines that you cannot ignore as a contact center owner. 

It is in your best interest that you should try to resolve the “pain points” and enjoy the advantages of VoIP calls. Here is the list of some problems and their solutions.

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Will Chatbots Play a Major Role in Contact Centers in the Near Future?

Have you been caught off balance after reading the title? Well, brace yourself then. This is a very real possibility and to tell you the truth, chatbots have already breached the space which was once considered the sole realm of human beings. A customer care executive is supposed to have a certain level of maturity and intelligence to deal with customer service requests but with the massive advancement made in the field of artificial intelligence, 'intelligent' chatbots are also showing off their skills with remarkable efficiency and competence.

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19 Innovative Business Applications to Integrate with Cloud Contact Centers

It is a technology driven world today and software solutions for contact centers have made newer mechanisms of communication more popular of late. They have a made it easy for organizations to reach out to existing and new clients swiftly. However, managing these interactions is a tough task. Therefore, it is imperative that contact centers have an advanced technology for making the entire process smooth and offers leverage over business rivals.

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8 Reasons Why a Customer Portal is Essential to Empower Customers

Still wondering how you can bring more customer centricity in your business? If you look at all the top organizations in the world, their activities revolve around the needs and convenience of their highly valued customers. There is no doubt that customer centric policies is more than capable to give your business a competitive edge, and turn it into a sustainable business model with rapid growth.

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WebRTC- The New Technological Force in Cloud Contact Center Solutions

WebRTC is one of the best digital disruptive technologies around. The best feature of this communication interface is that it integrates the advantages of siloed communication channels used by a business at its various touch points and offers seamless connectivity. WebRTC has been around from the beginning of this new decade and it is a really efficient solution that can easily transcend technological and communication barriers that businesses and their customers face in their interactions. 

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Messaging as a Mainstream Customer Support Channel in Contact Centers

With falling margins of profit, spiraling costs and falling volumes of inbound telephone calls, contact centers are gasping for fresh air. A reason being cited is the reluctance of customers, especially the millennials, to engage with customer service agents on the telephone. However, does it mean people have stopped looking for service or assistance? The answer is clearly no. 

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8 Key Questions to Ask While Choosing Cloud Contact Center Support

Are you sure that you have already considered all possible pros and cons while moving your contact center to cloud from on-premise. There is undoubtedly great value in moving your business to the cloud. The potential is huge, but there is a catch - will the security apparatus be adequate?

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What Can You Expect in the 17th Annual Call Center Week?

The last week of June will witness two thousand of the most hungry, and accomplished customer experience executives along with numerous call centers gather in Los Angeles for the 17th Annual Call Center Week (CCW). Just a fortnight prior to that, these executives and contact centers will log in at CCW online to pursue an EP3 experience. More importantly, in order to do so, they need not move away from their systems or make payments.

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Using Wearables Can Augment Productivity of Your Call Center Agents


Wearable smart devices have ushered into the era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD is the practice of allowing the employees of an enterprise to use their own smart devices for work-related purposes. But, what are the measurable benefits?

Most importantly, it has improved productivity and also changed the way call center agents engage with the customers. The communication has become more personalized and fruitful as essential information about the customers is made available to the customer handling representatives or field sales representatives in a very efficient and hassle-free manner. As the market dynamics and nature of interactivity changes, an array of smart, wearable devices are making their way to aid in the process.

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How IoT (Internet Of Things) Will Help to Turn Customer Service More Proactive?

The IoT or Internet of Things is a network of various electronic objects embedded with special hardware and software that allows them to interact with a common node and be remotely controlled in turn. IoT gives the devices the capability to data transfer across a network without any need for human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

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Cloud IVR vs. On-Premise IVR - A Comparative Study

There was a time when you could run a call center with as much technology as you could fit inside one or two tin boxes. Then came a stage when software-based solutions became popular in a contact center. Today, with the tremendous advancements in technology, call center solutions are available on-premise or through cloud computing environment.

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