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The True Cost of Bad Customer Service Runs in Billions

No one can argue against the importance of customer service in today’s business scenario. In case, you own a business, you must be already aware of this. However, what you might not appreciate is the severe impact of substandard customer service on the bottom line of your organization.

Many businesses often do not realize what expensive bad or low-quality customer service could lead them to. If you want your organization to sustain for the longer run, you need to have a serious focus on eradicating low level of customer service.

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The One Technology that you Definitely Need for your Cloud Contact Center

These days, it is an accepted fact that a cloud-based infrastructure is one of the rapidly growing areas as far as the contact center industry is concerned. In fact, it is estimated that this figure has almost doubled between 2013 and 2015. Now, that would tantamount the percentage of call centers reaching to about 18% as opposed to only 2.2% in 2008.

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The Importance and Role of a Chief Customer Officer in a Contact Center


No one can diagree that the most important asset of your company is your customers. The very reason why your business exits is to serve your customers to the best of your abilities. Every company should strive to create the best possible customer experience and use that as an opportunity to drive sales growth. Across every vertical, customer satisfaction is the most important aim that is relentlessly pursued and is undoubtedly one of the most important metric when it comes to evaluating performance of a company.

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How Lean Six Sigma Certifications can Improve Contact Center Operations


The primary aim of a contact center is provide top class service to customers. A good contact center always tries to improve the customer experience and solve problems that they might be facing. A contact center also aims to improve customer relationships and provide customized services. Whatever be the role of a contact center, it can suffer if there is no uniformity amongst different processes and no uniform employee training programs to iron out the creases from the operations.

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How Voice Biometrics can Help Contact Centers Tackle Fraudsters

Call centers all around the world are at extreme risk from fraudsters. All it takes is one call or code for fraudsters to get access to various user accounts and important details. Callers who use low-cost communications carriers can fool call center agents by using publicly available data. Stolen information also becomes a problem while verifying users before big transactions.

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Why Burnout in Call Center Agents can have Significant Impact on Call Center

Agents in a call center are vulnerable to various stress-related factors. Some of them include working in an environment that may be distracting, experiencing high pressure while meeting various organizational standards, and facing high expectations from consumers.

This pressure is compounded by the continuous expectations to exceed performance metrics, while their service quality is continuously scrutinized by managers. All of these factors contribute to call center agent stress. There is a pervasive effect of stress on the agents, and their attitude in the workplace & their performance. That is not all because the stress they go through also has a negative impact in the organization they are working in.

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The Role of Campaign Management System (CMS) in a Contact Center

If you are running an outbound contact center, you require a competent CMS or campaign management system so that the dialer is aware of whom to contact or how to create a list of email contacts or phone numbers. If you have a more advanced CMS in place, it will enable your agent to record the kind of response given by each customer for a particular campaign.

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Queuing Theory and Erlang Distribution Explained from a Call Center Perspective

Queuing is a widely used concept that is an integral part of inbound contact centers. An ACD or Automatic Call Distributor is used by the call centers for distribution of incoming calls to particular agents or resources, ACD can hold the incoming calls in FIFO (Fast In First Out) sequence until an agent is free to attend a call. From the perspective of a caller, if there was no virtual queuing available, they would have only two options available to them; wait till the time an agent is available or hang up/abandon the call and try calling back later. As far as a call center is concerned, a long queue would mean several abandoned calls, customer dissatisfaction and repeat attempts on the part of the customers.

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The Importance of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to Cloud Contact Centers

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet that, on demand provides data and processing resources which are shared. This model allows users, applications, and so on to use resources from a shared pool of computing resources that are configurable, for example - servers, applications, storage, networks, and services. Cloud computing allows users to process and store data in third party data centers.

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Why is ASA (Average Speed of Answer) Considered Difficult to Interpret?

ASA or Average Speed of Answer is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that is usually used by call center managers to assess the efficiency and performance of their teams along with the magnitude of accessibility for their callers. Though, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular call center performance metrics, it can be also be tough for some to interpret.

Contact center managers should have a thorough understanding of what ASA actually is so that they can interpret it successfully. It is also important for them to measure KPI properly and appreciate the impact of a high ASA on the call center in its entirety, along with its agents and customers.

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What is CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and How is it Calculated?

CLV or Customer Lifetime Value is one of the least popular and yet one of the most critical metrics in a contact center for providing great customer service. CLV is helpful for quantification of the total value provided by a customer to an organization.

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3 Significant Merits of a Cloud-based Call Recording Solution

Today, many contact centers have realised the importance of call recording. Most importantly, it is a big help in training the agents and can also make the process of hiring and recruitment simpler. Moreover, it can also help in measuring agent productivity and can locate the exact problems in call center operations, when used in conjunction with analytics. It can also help in protecting a business from liability.

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What The Future Holds for AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Contact Centers

It was in late seventies that the first contact center emerged in the form of a brand new entrepreneurial venture. Since then, there has certainly been a steady ascent with respect to the technical advancements in the contact center industry

AI or Artificial Intelligence can be undoubtedly regarded as a revolution in the field of contact center sector. It can be defined as the capability of a machine to perform with the same expertise as that of a human expert.

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Security Solutions to Protect Customer Data in a Contact Center

There is no denying the fact that there is cut-throat competition among all organizations to manage sophisticated contact center operations for meeting their sales targets and the demands of customer service. Though contact center operations are quite effective, these passing years have seen the platform evolve drastically but also exposing the system to a variety of security risks. Some of these security risks can undermine data propriety considerably along with an organization’s business information.

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The Relevance of Omnichannel Capabilities in the Mobile Context

A latest buzz with respect to the functioning of contact centers is the “Omnichannel” interaction. Though many owners of business are aware that it is an important aspect for them to implement in their contact centers, there are still quite a few who are yet to appreciate its capabilities. Therefore, they could even be losing their valuable customers because of this reason. What is even worse is that there are businesses who claim that they are offering Omnichannel capabilities without even fully realising the meaning.

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5 Fundamental Disadvantages of On-premise Call Center Software

Today, call center is a whopping 22 billion dollar industry and is dominated primarily by on-premise software solutions and legacy players. It is a fact that even today on-premise systems have retained a strong share in the market. However, if you are seriously contemplating about what type of call center software should you invest in, it is worth taking a decision on if an on-premise call center software is apt for you or not.

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