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7 Challenging Customer Service Scenarios and How to Handle Them

Every business thrives on happy customers and it is one of their main business goals to keep their customers happy. ‘Customer is the king’ for every business! Hence satisfied clients are the biggest assets for the company. Handling customer service is not a cake walk. There are many hurdles in handling a customer in a satisfactory way. The main aspect of the job is to handle different people with different perspectives and that is quite massive. More than the job, the people are difficult to handle.  The customer service representative interacts with a wide variety of people who are from various backgrounds and different socio-economic statures. There’s a lot of patience, spontaneity and positivity required to handle the different types of customers and issues they deal with on a daily basis.

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7 Immediate Ways Real-Time Monitoring Make Call Centers Better

Real-time information helps every business to function smoothly. When you have information on the current state of your organization - especially on the sales front, you can get a better grip on your business. This helps to monitor and control the day to day activities more efficiently.

When you can manage the daily operations better, over a period of 3-4 months, you will find that the productivity has gone up considerably. It becomes all the more critical when you can implement real-time monitoring at call centers.

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6 Effective Tips to Identify Call Center Burnout

Call centers signify high-pressure work environments. Employees working in call centers are almost always under pressure to optimize performance and meet their targets. This often results in employee burnout, which directly impacts the customer service quality and workplace satisfaction.

Therefore, Call center managers must be on the lookout for symptoms of burnout in the best interest of the company and the employees. However first, let us understand the phenomenon of burnout.

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How to Prepare For Coaching Call Centre Agents: 10 Tips for Managers

Call centers have become an essential support system to telecom, e-commerce, banking, insurance and many other businesses. Many large multinationals are outsourcing call centre services to countries where there are abundant skilled resources ready to work for much lesser rates. While every business thrives towards cost-control in all aspects, quality is something none of them can compromise on. Since most of the call centers recruit fresher candidates, who are young and not quite qualified, the managers have to coach them properly to make them perform par excellence.

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6 Proven Steps to Build Rapport with Customers over Phone

Rapport building is an essential communication skill that can impact the outcome of any conversation. The end result of any communication is always better when the interaction takes place smoothly than when it is strained.

For call center employees, building rapport with customers effectively translates into higher sales and increased customer satisfaction ratings. Establishing a good rapport means creating a comfortable state where conversation can flow freely and easily. But it can be challenging for agents to establish a connection and build rapport with customers over the phone. This makes it imperative for call center agents to be skilled in the art of rapport building.

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Top Traits to Look for when Hiring a Customer Support Agent

Hiring excellent customer support agents is integral to enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty. In order to strengthen the backbone of your company’s customer service segment, you require candidates who can effectively address customer requirements, work as team players, and help to realize the organization’s goals.

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7 Tips to Combat Stress in a Call Center Environment

Stress within a call center environment is an undeniable reality. More often than not, call center employees face stress that is multifaceted and difficult to handle. The high-intensity work environment combined with ambitious performance targets and conflicting role requirements -presents varied challenges to employees and leaves them drained.

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5 Tips to Reduce After Call Work in the Contact Center

What is After Call Work, (ACW)

A collective set of tasks executed by call center agents after finishing the conversation with the customers is termed as After Call Work. ACW typically includes updating the database with information collected during the call, which will help in the future interactions with the customer, and notifications to other divisions on further action to be taken, and of course adding the solution to the knowledge base if the issue is resolved. After Call Work is a component of a critical call center KPI, the Average Handle Time. While on ACW, the agent would not be able to accept any call, and is also often called Post Call Processing or Wrap up.

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How to Handle Escalated Calls

Contact center employees are accustomed to dealing with different kinds of customers having varied issues. But sometimes they are faced with situations that test their ability to handle customers and provide effective solutions.One of the most challenging situations faced by the employees is handling an escalated call. It is something that no contact center employee wishes to deal with, and yet cannot ignore it if the situation crops up. For any contact center, it is important that the escalated call is handled well and the problem is resolved. 

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Call Center KPIs – 7 Metrics Worth Tracking for Your Business

With present day technological capabilities, and the explosion of applicable data science in the reporting systems, tons of data is present at one’s disposal. Many a time, the relevant data is hidden in the maze of insights derived from less significant metrics. Such information is of little help to improve the business.

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Top 20 Customer Service Skills You Need to Know in 2017 [Infographic]

Handling customers over the phone might not be an easy task especially for those who are not using their right set of skills for negotiating with customers. In order to reap out maximum benefits from the current customer service strategy, it is very necessary for agents to build a sort of relationship with customers that ensures repeat business. Always remember that unhappy customers are lost opportunity and they not only have the power to give negative feedbacks about your brand but at the same time can also create circumstances that can kill the loyalty of your current customers.

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Why Do We Love Contact Centers?

Ever thought of a nightmare where you buy a product or sign up for a service and it utterly doesn’t live upto your expectations, and you have no means of reaching out to the vendor or the supplier?

What would you do if you had no contact center or support number that is provided along with the product? Who would you call/message/complaint? How would you return the product or know the procedure for returning it, when you have nothing over your email or there’s no option for a chat support? Yes, it would be a nightmare.

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How to use CSAT Score Intelligently to your Advantage

Majority of the customer service companies us Customer Satisfaction - CSAT, to measure the customer experience with the organization. A CSAT survey not only deals with most of the customer touch points, but also is multi-dimensional.

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Are you Using Predictive Dialers Effectively?



The Banking industry, almost 30 years ago started using predictive dialers for debt collection. From there many other industries also started using these dialers, which started as only hardware and evolved into ones with cloud based predictive software. There are even integrated ones with CRM systems which gives insights into call metrics.

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A to Z of Creating a Profitable Call Center


The primary aim of a call center is to enhance customer loyalty. While a well-managed call center can strategically act as a catalyst to achieve this goal, a poorly managed one can prove to be the opposite and turn into a major liability for the business. That is why it is not enough to just create a call center. In order to achieve competitive advantage for your business, your call center must act as a source of value creation. This requires you to establish equilibrium between maintaining operational efficiency and providing quality service through well-trained agents. 

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