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7 Immediate Ways Real-Time Monitoring Make Call Centers Better

Real-time information helps every business to function smoothly. When you have information on the current state of your organization - especially on the sales front, you can get a better grip on your business. This helps to monitor and control the day to day activities more efficiently.

When you can manage the daily operations better, over a period of 3-4 months, you will find that the productivity has gone up considerably. It becomes all the more critical when you can implement real-time monitoring at call centers.

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Automatic Call Distribution 101


Automatic Call Distribution, commonly referred to as ACD, is a systematic series of services utilized in the call-center industry. It’s primary function lies in successfully directing diverse inbound calls to their designated contact service agents. 

With the expansive growth in the service providing market, ACD system’s role has evolved from beyond dispersing inbound traffic to the assigned employee to encompass varied other services.

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The Immense Good Data and Analytics can do to Contact Centers

There is no uncertainty in the fact modern day contact centers churn out a massive amount of data. With the number of systems like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email response management, chat, recording, quality assurance, workforce management, speech analytics, and others, the data that is generated is so huge that the management nearly gets drowned.

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What Makes WebRTC market among the Best in this Decade? [Infographic]

The almost endless pursuit to bring customers closer to brands has made the world come up with numerous distinctive technological advancements. However, one of them, namely - WebRTC, stands tall among the crowd.

An increasing number of players in the market have already initiated the process of adding WebRTC support to their products, services, and solutions.

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By Ignoring IVR Analytics, you are Ignoring the Future

Truth be told - your IVR should never be ignored, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) analytics play an all important role in the development of MNCs and other firms. Ignoring IVR can become a big problem in the coming future.

It is the end to end call assessment solution. IVR analytics should be a part of every contact center’s customer experience strategy, to say the least.

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Everything You Need to Know About First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution (FCR) refers to a customer’s issue being fully resolved during the first interaction with a contact center. FCR is a vital key performance indicator to measure the quality of customer experience as well as the efficiency of the contact center. A high FCR rate means that less number of customers have to contact the center again for the resolution of their problem. This results in the saving of time and money for both the customer and the contact center.

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Artificial Intelligence – How it transforms Customer Experience

The Beginning

From antiquity, man has been in search of perfect assistance, the one who would do things for him in the easiest and best possible way. Wilhelm Schickard’s drawings of a not so reliable calculating clock are perhaps the first recorded step towards a Thinking Aide for man, further strengthened by the Boolean and Turing theories. But it was not until 1956, that a dedicated field of study aptly named as Artificial intelligence (AI), started solving complex problems like proving logical theorems, solving algebraic equations, speaking a language, designing a computer winning checkers etc., with a “brain” of its own. Research in AI was making long strides, even as commercial robots and movie based Cyborgs (Terminator), and Corporations (Skynet) awed the common man.

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Why Contact Center Applications Should Have a Practical User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) of a call center application plays an important role in determining the satisfaction level of end users, i.e. customers. It has a direct impact on many important KPIs that contact centers use to determine the effectiveness and performance of their contact center as a whole. 

A UX should do a particular job for which it has been designed efficiently and without compromising the convenience of the users of these applications. Very often, contact centers forget that the convenience of end users should get the highest priority in an organization in the service sector.

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Wrap-Up Codes - The Key Benefits and a Few Tips to Get the Best Out of them

In a contact center, it is very important to record what happened during a call, any important information provided by the customer, the steps that were taken to resolve the issue, if the issue was not resolved on the call, then what are the next steps, and so on. It is also important that the agents record all this information as briefly as possible so that he/she does not spend too much time in the 'not ready' status. For the next agent who takes the call from the same customer, he/she should be able to understand whatever happened in the previous interactions as well, and that too at a glance or so.

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Incremental Revenue (Value) Analysis to Calculate the Value of each Contact Center Agent

Incremental Revenue (Value) Analysis is a decision-making process used for determining the value of each contact center agent. Its primary focus is to determine the optimal cost of retaining or letting go of an agent. Incremental revenue (value) analysis is the simplest way to solve complex business challenges by choosing between the solutions currently available and their alternatives.

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