Convert more sales with a world class contact center software integrated with Salesforce

Ameyo Engage + Salesforce = 150% increase in Sales Closures


Create New Accounts in a single unified interface

Your reps will no longer have to toggle between multiple platforms to create or update accounts. Ameyo Engage’s CTI widget allows reps to work within Salesforce without ever leaving the platform for extended functionalities. This relieves your reps from the hassles of managing two systems simultaneously for account creation and management. 

One Click to Dial Sales Prospects and Customers

By simply clicking on a number, your rep is able to dial customers and prospects without manually entering the number through Ameyo Engage’s CTI widget. This dramatically boosts agent productivity and prospect outreach

Display Contextual Prospect Information Before Dialing

Ameyo Engage displays comprehensive prospect/customer information before an incoming or outgoing call, enabling reps to make an informed decision. Lead intelligence and customer insights are instantly displayed on rep screen to intelligently nurture sales opportunities.